About us

About us

Capital Airport Group has a proven track record of innovating and investing in Canberra for the long-term.

A commitment to making our city the most vibrant and liveable in Australia

Capital Airport Group is a family company passionate about Canberra. We are committed to adding quality developments and infrastructure to our home city.

Each of our developments harnesses long-standing experience, with award-winning precinct design skills and a commitment to excellence for over 25 years.

    A commitment to building world class precincts

    We have built Canberra's world-class airport, a thriving retail hub at Majura Park Shopping Centre, four exceptional business precincts and now, Denman Prospect, which redefines remarkable living in Canberra.

      A commitment to helping our community

      Denman Prospect is the first entire suburb in Australia to commit to the Homes for Homes initiative, an independent not-for-profit organisation, established by The Big Issue.

      In order to raise funds to help resolve Australia’s housing shortage, Capital Estate Developments is donating 0.1 per cent of the sale price for each block to the Homes for Homes Initiative. Ths has led to over $1m raised since 2016.

      In addition to our donation, there is also a voluntary caveat on the title for all future sales. This means homeowners can choose to donate a tax deductible 0.1% of the sale price to Homes for Homes if they sell their house in the future. For example, if someone sells their house for $750,000, this would equate to a $750 contribution.

        Visit the land sales suite

        37 Kondelea Way, Denman Prospect, ACT

        Open 7 days a week, 10am – 4pm.

        The Denman Prospect sales suite is closed on ACT Public Holidays.

        For enquiries please email sales@denmanprospect.com.au.