Denman Prospect Resources

Helpful resources to guide you with building your dream home

How to buy land

View this step by step guide on how to buy land over the counter at Denman Prospect.

    Building Guidelines

    Our Building & Siting Guidelines have been developed to encourage each home to be distinct from its neighbours and to make the most of the sensational views and elevated topography. If you have any questions regarding the Guidelines, please email our Design Coordinator at:

      Solar Information

      Denman Prospect is Australia’s first suburb to have minimum requirements for solar installation on all dwellings, with a minimum 3kW system that will generate approximately 4000kWh of clean electricity. This will reduce emissions from fossil-fuelled generation electricity by approximately 3.7 tonnes (about the same as an average Australian car).

      Enquire about installing solar by emailing Harvey Norman Commercial at:

        Connecting to the nbn™ network

        All blocks in Denman Prospect are nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTB) connected, meaning you’re able to connect your new home to the nbn™ broadband network.

        Services over the nbn™ access network give you the opportunity to do and experience more, from the comfort of your own home.

          Have you completed your new home?

          You can apply for your Compliance Bond to be refunded and to claim your Landscaping Contribution once you have achieved Practical Completion and met the Conditions of Compliance outlined in the Contract for Sale.