Cultural Trail in Denman Prospect

Cultural Trail in Denman Prospect

Development of a brand new nature trail in Denman North is underway. The Cravens Creek Cultural Trail is an acknowledgement to the traditional custodians of the land and their ongoing connection to it. 

Spanning just over two kilometres, the Cultural Trail will be an exciting addition to Denman Prospect, incorporating a beautiful new area for locals and vistors to enjoy and learn about the history of the area.

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Starting in Denman North, the trail runs east to west along Cravens Creek with 10 feature garden nodes or interpretation points, each exploring a unique element of cultural heritage.

"From gardens and places to sit and relax or take in the view, each node is not only a space for the community to enjoy, but also an opportunity to connect and learn about the history of the area," says Denman Prospect Project Manager Bridget Bence.

To design the trail, the Denman Prospect team worked in collaboration with the local Registered Aboriginal Organisations (RAO), and engaged Spiire Landscaping to bring it all together.

"Once the themes for each node were chosen, we worked closely with the RAOs to identify the relevant plant species. The RAOs shared fascinating stories about how plants were used for food, string or medicine for example" says Bridget. "The nodes give insight into how the First Peoples of Canberra understood Country and managed it sustainably. They have a deep understanding of seasons and interconnectivity with native plants and animals to keep them healthy."

Each node along the trail includes explanatory signage to share the stories, knowledge and skills of our First People. 

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Construction is currently underway for the first four nodes, which are due to open to the public in spring 2024.

"The first node is the string making node, where you'll find a range of plant species which First Peoples used to make baskets or fish nets for example," says Bridget. 

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"We've also included a shelter and seating as it's a great viewpoint across the Molonglo Valley, towards Black Mountain. The bespoke shelter has delicate parts that make it look like string has been woven through. It gives a special dappled light effect if you're sitting underneath it" 

Moving along the trail, the next nodes will be themed around grinding grooves, reading the landscape, and then a yarning circle, which Bridget says will be a particularly important point on the trail. 

"I think the Yarning Circle node is the most exciting one. It's really in the heart of Denman Prospect, and is the closest node to the Denman Village where the community already gathers. It's going to be a giant sandstone tiered amphitheatre with a bespoke shelter nestled amongst greenery," she says.

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"The idea is that it will be a meeting point where, for example, school groups might like to meet with a local Indigenous representative who can give them a briefing about the trail. It will be a space where people can gather amongst the beautiful landscape."

Design and construction on the remaining six nodes will begin next year, with themes dedicated to reading the stars, waterways, catching fish, traditional tools, bush medicine and traditional practices. 

Keep an eye on our website to find out when the Cravens Creek Cultural Trail opens to the public and you can explore it for yourself.

Images are artists’ impressions and indicative only.